Lawrence & Soo Ann

Kenny and Li Anne are such warm and easy-going photographers who are passionate in what they do. We had a family photoshoot with them outdoors and we really loved the photos that came out of it.

They captured the special moments which gave us wonderful memories to look back on in years to come.

Thank you for that. I would highly recommend this friendly dynamic duo for any future photoshoots.

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Micah & Steph

Kenny & Li Anne are a joy to work with and we felt very comfortable working with them. The photos they took captured the essence and joy of the wedding we wanted to remember, and we cannot recommend them highly enough!

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Justin & Galilee

Loved how pleasant our overall experience is with the Bitesize crews! Easy and flexible people to work with, most importantly, they were able to deliver what is expected of them. Loving our wedding day shots that come from them!

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Colin & Jia Meei

We had our first ever family photoshoot with Kenny & Li Anne - and we can't recommend them enough :)
With the whole Covid situation, we decided on a home-based shoot (as we have a 10 month old baby); Kenny & Li Anne wore their masks the whole way which made us feel more safe!

Kenny suggested the angle of "capturing regular home moments" (while in nicer clothes haha), and we loved it. They were also amazing with baby (who can occasionally be a fussypot - which baby isn't?) and captured so many precious photos of him.

Thanks again Kenny & Li Anne for making our first family photoshoot such a pleasant experience, and thank you for the beautifully captured memories!

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Joel & Jolene

We did both our Engagement and Wedding photos with them! Their professionalism is unparalleled and they possess the kindest of hearts. Loved every moment being with them! :D

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Amos & Sarah

It goes without saying that Kenny and Li Anne are talented and dedicated photographers! We engaged them for our full wedding day photography after seeing their stunning pictures from a friend’s wedding. They are friendly, professional, easy to work with, they take beautiful shots and produce amazing photos.

We were so glad they captured our once in a lifetime moment with such care! We highly recommend to book Kenny and Li Anne in advance for your precious moments and everyday events!

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Su Ling & Family

Kenny and Li-Anne are amazing photographers with an incredible amount of patience with our kids.

Despite the reluctance and protest from our children, the Bitesize Visuals duo were able to channel their inner child and bring out the fun in photographs!

Our kids caught on the excitement and we eventually got the family photos we absolutely love. Thanks guys! We will be seeking more photos in the coming years x

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Tim & Mei Li

Having Bitesize Visuals with us throughout our wedding journey was a warm experience. In fact, we don’t even refer to them as Bitesize Visuals, but instead as ‘Kenny and Li Anne’ – our dear friends.

We appreciated how Kenny and Li Anne took time to know us as a couple, and certainly not in a way only to get work-related details. It goes without saying that the logistical side was handled with both efficiency and professionalism.

As for the wedding, their involvement again felt both professional and deeply personal. As we now review the beautiful shots taken, they truly awaken the happy memories of the day. Throughout the ceremony and reception, it was particularly impressive how Kenny and Li Anne worked tirelessly not only to take good shots, but also to ensure we were well-rested as a couple and also to take an active role in helping other guests in their photo-taking.

The portfolio surely speaks for itself and we have only gratitude and praise for the wide range of moments captured, from just the two of us to our families, from our friends to the surrounding. Once again, whilst the images are impressive in themselves, what really moved us was how Kenny and Li Anne are able to capture the essence of our wedding and convey what really matters to us through their photography. Kenny and Li Anne, we love you and you are such a blessing to us <3 What a beautiful couple you are and you inspire us to walk into marriage with that joy, love and trust for one another!

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Mike & Wei Jun

My wife and I approached Bitesize for our wedding because we are really in love with their clean and brightly styled photos. Bitesize is super detail oriented and attentive, able to capture all the important moments during the wedding ceremony.

My wife and I would highly recommend them to anyone who are looking for experienced photographers.

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Chloe & En Yaw

Kenny and Li-Anne make a great duo!! They truly captured our special day so beautifully and we are so grateful to have these pictures to look back upon in future! They were easy to work with and incredibly flexible throughout the wedding planning.

On the wedding day itself, Li-Anne took the time to get to know us as a couple despite the hecticness of the day; her intentionality surprised me (in a good way)! I highly recommend this power couple, not just for their work ethic and professionalism, but also for being wonderful lovely people.

Thanks guys!

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Amanda & Ju Hann

Li Anne and Kenny were our wedding photographers and we had a great time with them. They were very accomodating, comfortable and fun to work with.

Being a married couple themselves, it was easy communicating what we liked to them. Even in intimate moments during the wedding, it wasn't awkward having them around. They were very professional and caught many meaningful shots that we really appreciated. And of course the photos turned out great!

Would definitely recommend them to our friends!

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Bryan & Serene

Great photographers, very easy to work with as they are super friendly and guided us through the entire process.

Candid photos were great, captured every moment during our pre-wedding photoshoot and wedding ceremony.

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Justin & See Wei

I remember enquiring them through email, and everything went on smoothly. They initiated the idea of meeting up before our wedding so that we could go through our wedding day, so that they have an idea of what’s important to us. They provided suggestions based on their experiences, which we truly appreciated (because who will be more experienced than photographers right?)

On our big day, they were punctual and were extremely calm in supporting us, they made sure we weren’t worry about anything but having a good time. We knew that we were in good hands, and that they have captured our wedding in their best creative ways. Bitesize Visuals with our favourite couple duo, will always be our choice.

THANK YOU, you guys, we love love love our pictures!

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Tommy & Jamie

Bitesize Visuals were highly recommended by our pre wedding photographers. Decided to engage them for our actual day wedding photography after checking out their portfolio.

They initiated a meet up to get to know us better and to understand the details of our wedding day. Kenny and Li Anne are the most laid back and flexible photographers.

The session with them was totally stress free. The outcome was superb and turned out exactly how we wanted it to be.

Love the photos. Thank you so much, Kenny and Li Anne!

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Guan Tat & Huei Yuih

Thanks for everything Kenny and Li Anne!!! You guys were great! Responsive, accommodating and just so easy to get along with.

Your knack for capturing candid's is what I loved about your portfolio and what we saw is really what we got and more! Loved every single image captured and I'm so glad you stick it out in stalking everyone regardless of what they were doing.

Wish we could've taken so many more shots but we'll just have to settle with reliving the day through the beautiful images you've captured.

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Yutaro & Maesu

We had a photo session in Japan with Kenny, during 2018 Sakura session and it was amazing!

We were stiff at first, not used to being taken pictures but the final product was beyond our expectation! The scenery was more beautiful in pictures and actual.

Hope to have another family session next time with him someday!

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Marcus & Tasha

My husband and I fell in love with their work on social media a good one and half years before our wedding.

We even wanted to book them before meeting up with them because we placed such trust in them, much to their surprise.

It was amazingly easy working with both Kenny and Li Anne as they felt like they were more of our friends than vendors and that makes a lot of difference when you are having a wedding.

Highly recommend these guys!

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Wilson & Jolene

Kenny and his partner in clicks, Li Anne are fantastic in what they do! After looking at potential photographer's portfolio, I found Bitesize Visuals suits us the most.

Their work fits our theme and atmosphere of our wedding which was intimate, rustic, gleeful, emotional and outdoor. We felt comfortable from being photographed in our respective private room to the audience of hundreds of guests.

One of my favourite moment was at the altar, I burst out laughing instead when my husband was supposed to kiss me, they captured that exact moment and it has been our fondest memory till this very day.
They take feedback well and are always willing work with their client.

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Enrique & Su Lynn

Kenny and Li Anne are absolute joy to work with!

I was initially very nervous in front of the camera, but they were so friendly and funny - soon enough they made me fell completely at ease!

We are super duper happy with the photos!

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Tim & Alana

Couldn't ask for a better duo to handle our pre-wedding photography.

Kenny and Li Anne made us feel super comfortable - super important if you're normally a little shy in front of the camera. They also happen to be really good company!

Both of our shots were done very professionally and yet we were given the room to be ourselves and just have fun.

Our photos came out so crisp and amazing!
We absolutely loved our photos!

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Julian & Eunice

Kenny and Li Anne are amazing! They were so good at guiding us when we had no idea what to do and at the same time, capture some super awesome pictures.

We had so much fun with the both of them and would highly recommend them as your "stalkers" for any of your events!

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Hon Khai & Su Jin

It was by pure chance that our paths crossed with Kenny and Li Anne.

One of their photos came up on my Instagram feed and after we had made initial contact, we knew they were great to begin with.

They were responsive and accommodating to work around the schedules and plans for the day. They also organised a face-to-face catch up before the actual wedding so we could get to know each other better.

They really tried to understand what is important to us as individuals and as a couple - which made all the moments they captured on the day even more amazing.

Thank you so much for capturing those special moments and for making us feel less awkward about being infant of the cameras and thanks for being great people to be around.

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Nouras & Elaine

Kenny and Li Anne did a phenomenal job taking photos of our wedding later year.

They were so easygoing and pleasant to deal with - from the beginning right to the end & even after that!

The photos speak for themselves - so vibrant, bright and alive. Love the candid shots that captured. Delivered so quickly as well. Highly, highly recommend them. Don’t hesitate to make them part of your big day / significant events, you won’t regret it

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