Welcome to the Handcrafted series – a personal photography project of mine. To document the art behind handcrafted items and the heart behind it.

It’s not everyday where ideas for personal projects comes up when we are going through the motions of running a business.

I appreciate hand crafted items and that’s when the idea came of documenting the process of crafting a leather camera strap; in which I’m currently using. 

Got in touch with TYDE Supply Goods earlier this year when I was looking for a better camera strap that can carry 2 camera bodies and doesn’t stretch like neoprene. They are keen to take me through the whole process from choosing the leather colour, explaining each step to final touches of the process. 

Company started by a young couple that pursued the passion in leather crafting as a hobby to running a unique business here in Malaysia. Self taught in every way and they run small workshop on a constant basis to teach the art behind leather crafting.