Han Yang & Lesley

Celebrating Han Yang & Lesley

Despite the unexpected downpour, the rain couldn’t take away the smiles & laughter throughout the rest of Han Yang & Lesley’s big day. It was a good reminder of what love & marriage really is – going through the seasons and weathering all things together. Thank you for having us Han Yang & Lesley and only God’s best for the journey ahead!

Photographers : Kenny & Li Anne

Makeup & Hairdo : Raynis Chow Bridal Makeup

Venue : Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya

kuala-lumpur-singapore-garden-eastin-hotel-intimate-wedding kuala-lumpur-singapore-garden-eastin-hotel-intimate-weddingkuala-lumpur-singapore-garden-eastin-hotel-intimate-weddingkuala-lumpur-singapore-garden-eastin-hotel-pj-intimate-weddingkuala-lumpur-singapore-garden-eastin-hotel-pj-intimate-weddingBlog_HL-29Blog_HL-28kuala-lumpur-singapore-garden-eastin-hotel-pj-intimate-wedding



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