Engagement | Enrique and Su Lynn


We got to know Enrique & Su Lynn from Singapore back in January and we’ve been looking forward for this shoot since then! It’s been in our bucket list to do a session in this popular attraction in Klebang, Melaka when we visited this place last year and it was soo good to finally be able to do a shoot here, made so much more memorable with this sporting, gorgeous couple!

We love unconventional pre-wedding photos, thus having Su-Lynn donned her batik-designed work uniform for this session was perfect . We love the intricate details of the batik design and how well their hue of blues blends so well with the surroundings. The ‘desert’ session was followed by a quick shoot at Su Lynn’s very own home backyard (amazing gardening work by her dad!) & a tennis session at a nearby court (their favourite sport!) Gotta love capturing the essence and moments that reflects our couples’ relationships 🙂 Enjoy viewing some of the shots from this session below! 😉

BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-2BSV_SulynnRickyPort-1BSV_SulynnRickyPort-4BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-3BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-4BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-5singapore-malaysia-engagement-prewedding-unconventionalBitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-7BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-8singapore-malaysia-engagement-prewedding-unconventional-singapore airlines-uniformBitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-10singapore-malaysia-engagement-prewedding-unconventionalsingapore-malaysia-engagement-prewedding-unconventionalBitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-13BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-14BSV_SulynnRickyPort-2BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-15BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-16singapore-malaysia-engagement-prewedding-unconventionalBitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-18singapore-malaysia-engagement-prewedding-unconventionalBitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-20BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-21BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-22BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-23BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-24BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-25BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-26singapore-malaysia-engagement-prewedding-unconventionalBSV_SulynnRickyPort-3BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-28BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-29BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-30BSV_SulynnRickyPort-5BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-31BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-32singapore-malaysia-engagement-prewedding-unconventionalBSV_SulynnRickyPort-6singapore-malaysia-engagement-prewedding-unconventionalBitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-35BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-36BSV_SulynnRickyPort-7BSV_SulynnRickyPort-8BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-37BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-38BitesizeVisuals_SulynnRicky-39

Thank you Ricky & Su Lynn for having us! It was truly a fun and memorable outing with the both of you!

To many more years of laughter, tennis sessions and adventures together!


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