Graduation | Kristine

We always love graduation shoots. Felt like it is something that people tend to overlooked; at times. Prosaic yet worth celebrating.
Thanks Kristine for having us. It was great catching up with you and also getting to know your family. Knew Kristine for quite some time back and before we knew it, she already graduated. Time passes too fast sometimes!
Boy, Nottingham University (Malaysia Campus) by far is one of the nicer campuses that we shot from our previous shoots that was done on campus grounds.

Malaysian-portraits-photographer-graduation Malaysian-portraits-photographer-graduation Malaysian-portraits-photographer-graduation Malaysian-portraits-photographer-graduation Malaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduationMalaysian-portraits-photographer-graduation

Nikon D700 | Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art


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A lifestyle portraiture and documentary wedding photographer.

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