Setting the Stage for 2015


Just one more day till the 2nd month of the year! Haven’t gotten the time recently to sit down and update things here. Before you know it, January has reached its end.

Looking back throughout 2014, the blessings poured out were overflowing and beyond count.

Reminded to live in the now; cut the chase and set the ceiling of 2014 to be the platform for 2015.

Things to strive for this year:

  1. Chasing stories not technicalities. In every aspect, there’s always a story to tell; from random strangers to newlyweds, small start-ups to giant corporations.  Would love to work with you if you’re keen! (Weddings, Corporate, Events or Portraits) – Open for collaborations too!
  2. Publish more. Been wishing lately how great it would be to have your own work published in a magazine, to physically hold your work in your own hands.
  3. Print more. Similar as above, but at times it always nicer to see your own work in a BIGGER sense. (Than your hard drive)
  4. Love more. Constantly remind myself why I do what I do; also in relationships around me.

A short but simple list for now but I believe it’s a good place to get started for 2015. Here’s to greater moments, stories and journeys ahead!



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A lifestyle portraiture and documentary wedding photographer.

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