Forest Themed Engagement | Alex + Crystal

It was one of those weekends where we just decided to do something a little different and totally out of our comfort zone. We drove all the way up to Janda Baik, Pahang for an interesting engagement shoot for this cool couple! Decided to have an all films shoot, adding a tinge of suspense and anticipation to the craziness.. And it was all worth it. AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-1 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-2 AlexCrys_portraits3 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-3 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-5 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-4I met Alex and Crystal about a year back, when we volunteered to shoot for the Xtramile Run Project (One | Two | Three | Four | Five ) We’ve kept in contact ever since. They’ve been a great friend and blessing to us. Thanks for having us! These were shot in 2 different locations within the same area..We couldn’t help but be more fond of the second place, being surrounded by all those pine trees.. Enjoy! AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-9 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-21 Check out that morning glow! One of those occasion where waking up super early worthwhile. AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-17 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-10 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-18 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-16 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-12 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-15AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-14AlexCrys_portraits2 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-22 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-34 AlexCrys_portraits AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-30 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-29 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-33 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-32 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-31 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-28 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-26 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-20 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-25 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-27 AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-19Weather had been really favorable to us on that day, considering that it is monsoon season in Malaysia; it was raining heavily in very erratic timing the past few days prior of the shoot. AlexCrys-EngagementFilms-35


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