Sam + Kristy

Had another collaboration shoot with Dansel Photography a few months back. Got a little tied up with so many other things that blog posting took a back seat. But it’s good to be back blogging!
(A balance mix of pictures are from Dansel Photography; used with permission.)

bitesize_samkristy-1bitesize_samkristy-4Sam and Kristy have known each other since their high school days. Romance blossomed between them during their time together in Melbourne and they have never looked back since.

They had a simple ceremony in Kristy’s own home garden, surrounded by family, relatives and close friends.

bitesize_samkristy-2 bitesize_samkristy-3 bitesize_samkristy-5 bitesize_samkristy-6 bitesize_samkristy-7 bitesize_samkristy-8 bitesize_samkristy-9 Sam+Kristy portraits_1bitesize_samkristy-11 bitesize_samkristy-12 bitesize_samkristy-13 bitesize_samkristy-14 bitesize_samkristy-15 bitesize_samkristy-16 bitesize_samkristy-17 bitesize_samkristy-18 bitesize_samkristy-19 bitesize_samkristy-20 bitesize_samkristy-21 bitesize_samkristy-22 bitesize_samkristy-23 bitesize_samkristy-24 bitesize_samkristy-25 bitesize_samkristy-26 bitesize_samkristy-27 bitesize_samkristy-28 bitesize_samkristy-29 bitesize_samkristy-31 bitesize_samkristy-32 Sam+Kristy portraits_2bitesize_samkristy-33bitesize_samkristy-34

The atmosphere was rich in love and laughter. Sam and Kristy are definitely a couple who loves and are loved much.

Click more to view their lively ceremony!

bitesize_samkristy-35 bitesize_samkristy-36 Sam+Kristy portraits_3bitesize_samkristy-38 Sam+Kristy portraits_4bitesize_samkristy-41 bitesize_samkristy-43 bitesize_samkristy-45 Sam+Kristy portraits_5bitesize_samkristy-46 Sam+Kristy portraits_6bitesize_samkristy-49 bitesize_samkristy-50 bitesize_samkristy-51 bitesize_samkristy-52 bitesize_samkristy-53 bitesize_samkristy-54 bitesize_samkristy-55 bitesize_samkristy-56 bitesize_samkristy-58 bitesize_samkristy-59Sam+Kristy portraits_7 bitesize_samkristy-61 bitesize_samkristy-63 bitesize_samkristy-62bitesize_samkristy-64 bitesize_samkristy-66 bitesize_samkristy-67 bitesize_samkristy-65 bitesize_samkristy-68 bitesize_samkristy-69 bitesize_samkristy-70 bitesize_samkristy-71

All in all, it was a very memorable and unique experience. Thankful to have had the privilege and opportunity to document these precious moments.

Wishing Sam & Kristy a blessed marriage and many more joyful moments ahead!



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