Wee Li + Mei Lynn


A collaboration with a friend of ours; Dansel Photography. Check his page out! Would like to say thanks for the opportunity working together.
Coverage for dinner only as their ceremony held earlier at Sydney, Australia.

Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-2 Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-5 Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-6Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-9Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-7Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-8A bubbly and lively family and friends sets the atmosphere throughout the coverage.

Reception after the jump

Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-11 Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-12Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-13Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-14Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-15Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-16Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-19Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-17Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-20Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-22Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-24Bitesizevisuals_WeeLiMeiLynn-27Do check out our Portfolio section for few more additional photos!





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A lifestyle portraiture and documentary wedding photographer.

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