An evening with Habitatt!


Haven’t seen these kind of tattoos since primary school. Those tacky ones with random designs that came together with a pack of bubble gum. But man, these tattoos from Habitatt Supply Co; they are amazing!

Habitatt Supply Co, houses designer’s style temporary tattoos of finest quality. Check them out at

Approached by them to cover their new series of design


Definitely an evening well spent, more after the jump. 

BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-5BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-8 BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-7 BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-6

These temporary tattoos are super easy to apply on and skin friendly (soy based ink). They have designs ranging from typography to designs submitted by local designer.

BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-2 BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-1 BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-14

To apply; just put the design on your skin and apply water on it. How you put it or where you put it is up to you. Let sky be the limit.

BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-13 BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-12 BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-11 BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-10 BitesizeVisuals_HabitattJuly-9

We definitely cover more designs than these, to see more; check them out at


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