The Martin Family


Meet the Martins! Jason and Jessica with their baby, Jerome.
Getting to know their journey on how Jerome came into their world reminds us why we do what we do. To celebrate moments and stories like this; knowing that each of us have stories to tell; stories that are uniquely crafted for oneself to experience and to share.

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How did this shoot came about? The Martins were the featured cover story for our church’s bi-monthly newsletter – it is a story of answered prayers and God’s faithfulness in their lives.

Shooting family portraitures is still something quite new to me but it’s definitely worth the challenges (Eg.lack of experience in handling kids). But other than that, everything was great! Sun was great (although it was blazing during the shoot), but along with a few improvisations, I would say it went really well. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience of shooting for this beautiful family.







Their story leaves a simple reminder that God is ever faithful and His timing is impeccable.

What’s your story?

Want to know their story? Pay a visit to the link below!:



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