Graduation Shoot : Chrease and Cassandra

Cassandra_Graduation-2Here you go! Time really flies since the last teaser post (It’s already June!) . Here’s what we’ve been up to last month; among many other projects that we’ve embarked on. We’ll slowly unveil them in future posts!


Had the opportunity to be a part of these 2 siblings’ graduation that occurred on the same day; One with graduating with a Masters and the other with a Bachelor’s degree.

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Cassandra_Graduation-15 Cassandra_Graduation-19

Still holding on to the belief that graduation shoots should not just be limited to studio settings; where you get your typical books backdrop or muslin backdrop for those who can afford (we still like muslin; they are awesome!)
Your surroundings can also be the best backdrop; as long the picture is technically sound.
Usually we would prefer to shoot within the campus grounds but as their university only allows parents to enter during the convocation, we moved to a park nearby instead.

Cassandra_Graduation-37 Cassandra_Graduation-42 Cassandra_Graduation-31 Cassandra_Graduation-33

Cassandra requested us to shoot her family picture in conjunction with her graduation pictures since the whole family were present for both of their convocation day. It’s just too precious to decline; such moments are priceless.

Cassandra_Graduation-41 Cassandra_Graduation-44 Cassandra_Graduation-51 Cassandra_Graduation-55

Seeing both of their parents gleaming with pride and joy on their children’s milestone; we are really glad for such opportunity given to us to be part of their lives.

A significant part that is.





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